How It Works

Holders delegate their veSBR tokens to Vota and MetaDAO votes on their behalf. This has a number of desirable properties:

  • Non-custodial: Vota has no custody of users' veSBR. This means that even if there's a smart contract bug or a rogue agent within the Meta-DAO, the worst that can happen to a holder is their tokens being voted in a non-optimal way.

  • Low maintenance: Vota is 'set and forget.' Holders don't need to come back to the website every epoch, which helps projects by increasing the amount of votes at their disposal.

  • Maximized yield guaranteed: users don't need to pick individual pools to vote for. Therefore, users can be guaranteed that they're getting the best bang for buck on their tokens.

  • Stable vote counts: because users delegate instead of coming back every epoch, we expect to see relatively stable amounts of votes per epoch. This helps projects estimate exactly how much value they're getting out of their vote purchases.

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